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Math Workout - Keep Your Mind Sharp With Math Problems (Free)

Math Workout for Andoriod is an app that offers a variety of math problems and quizzes, both timed and untimed, to help you keep your mental skills as sharp as possible.

According to numerous studies on mental functioning and aging, the more people "exercise" their brain, the lower the chances for ailments like dementia in the later stages of life.

While it's great to get into that habit as people age, it's critical to get children into that habit at a young age, so that the practice continues throughout life. Regularly focusing the mind on difficult problems and puzzles, and exercising the brain, is just as important as exercising the body.

Thanks to the luxury of mobile devices in the world today, there are lots of opportunities to do brain exercises just about anywhere and at any time. One particular Android app that can help with that is a math problem game app called Math Workout.

Using Math Workout to Sharpen Your Mind

When you first launch Math Workout, you'll have all six math activities right at your fingertips. There's the addition & subtraction game, the multiplication & division game, and then a variety of other activities that mix math operators together.

math games
Math Workout Games

The simplest activity available in this app is the addition and subtraction game. This is simply a timed game where you need to try to answer as many simple math problems as possible.

math games
Simple Math Problems

Once you answer all of the problems correctly, you will see your results. Spend too much time on any single math problem, and your time will be particularly embarrassing!

math problems
Math Game Results

In addition to addition and subtraction is an identical activity where you can practice your skill at multiplication and division.

If you really want to test your skill under pressure, you can give the "Brain Cruncher" a try. In this activity, you can set a "pressure level" before you get going. Chose wisely, because the pressure level significantly impacts the difficulty of the activity.

math problems
The Brain Cruncher

Once you get going with this "high pressure" game, you'll be provided individual timed instructions, one after the other. Your job is to perform each math operation in your head, and keep track of the result.

math problems
Answer Problems Under Pressure!

Another challenging activity in Math Workout is the "Online World Challenge". This is a series of both easy and difficult math calculations that go beyond standard math operators. With these problems you will have to calculate exponents, square root and more. Best of all, you will be competing head-to-head with other players around the world.

fun math games
Online World Challenge

If you think your time is especially good, submit your score to see how well you rank against other players!

fun math games
Online World Results

One of the activities that are the most fun - and more of the sort of game that younger kids will love to play - is the Math Blaster Challenge.

fun math games
Math Blaster Challenge

This game is literally a blast. As the bubbles drop, the name of the game is to answer the math question inside them using the number pad at the bottom of the game. Answer it right, and you can blast away that falling bubble with a laser gun!

As you can see, this one little math app is actually jam packed with lots of great activities that will keep your brain working and your mind sharp. It's also great for kids to improve math skills.

Give Math Workout a try and see how well you do, while giving your brain a nice daily workout.

Written November 7, 2012 by Ryan Dube

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