Educational iPad and iPhone Apps For Kids Ages 7-10


Ages 7-10


Music Theory App for Beginners ($2.99)

Looking for a way to make music theory fun for your young students or child? The Music Theory for Beginners app is an interactive and entertaining way to introduce and develop concepts of Music Theory for students from beginner to intermediate level. This game-like experience covers many major theory topics in accessible lesson and quiz / game format!
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My First Classical Music App ($4.99)

Finally! A clear and engaging way to use technology to teach children about classical music! My First Classical Music app uses bright but not distracting images, great audio, and wonderful interactive features to explain the where, why and how of classical music. It uses references to modern and popular culture to show children that classical music is all around them, and that they already love it – so why not listen to more?
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Barefoot World Atlas - An Interactive Atlas For the iPad ($4.99)

Are you looking for an interactive and engaging way to get your child interested in Geography, History, and Social Studies? Or are you an inquisitive person who enjoys learning about other cultures, the animal kingdom, and World History? This app offers a learning experience for students of all ages, with beautiful graphics, clear narration, and a wealth of information about people, animals, and places all over the world.
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Spelling City - Expand Vocabulary and Practice Spelling (Free)

Teachers and parents alike will be happy to discover this app, which is suitable for teaching new words, spellings and concepts to students from kindergarten to high school level. Spelling City offers a variety of activities for each level of difficulty, and even tests specific knowledge associated with tests and topics taught at high school level in the United States. Spelling City is a fun and interactive way to explore new vocabulary using your iPad!
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Move the Turtle - Introduce Kids To Basic Concepts of Programming ($2.99)

This app introduces children to basic concepts of programming. Teachers or parents who used computers in the 80s will remember a game with a little turtle that the user had to move around using basic and more advanced commands. The Move the Turtle app brings that program into the 21st Century in a colorful, interactive game format for your iPad or iPhone, making programming fun for young children!
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Motion Math: Hungry Fish (Free / $6.99)

Looking for an alternative to books for teaching your child Math? Motion Math: Hungry Fish is brilliant option. It uses bright graphics, fun games and easy-to-use interface to teach addition, subtraction, and more, all with a hungry fish to help along the way. Plus it’s not just good for kids – adults can’t get enough of it either!
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Ages 7-10

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