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Spelling City - Expand Vocabulary and Practice Spelling (Free)

Teachers and parents alike will be happy to discover this app, which is suitable for teaching new words, spellings and concepts to students from kindergarten to high school level. Spelling City offers a variety of activities for each level of difficulty, and even tests specific knowledge associated with tests and topics taught at high school level in the United States. Spelling City is a fun and interactive way to explore new vocabulary using your iPad!

Expanding Vocabulary and Practicing Spelling With the Spelling City App

When users open Spelling City, they find two lists of content. One contains the different levels of difficulty incorporated into the app, which range from ‘Colors – Grades K-1’ through ‘Geometry - Grades 3-5’ up to ‘SAT Words – Grade 10-12’. For each of these levels, users can select activities from the activities included in the second list: ‘Spelling TestMe’; ‘HangMouse’; ‘Teach Me’; ‘MatchIt’; ‘WhichWord?’; and ‘Sentence Unscramble’.

Spelling City has various activities to practice new skills

Given that there are ten levels of difficulty and six activities for each level, Spelling City presents a wide range of content and enough of it to keep users occupied for hours. The app uses bright colors that are interesting and engaging to younger users but do not distract or annoy older students. Upon selecting a level and an activity, users are taken directly to the page in which they can participate in the activity. The exercises are fun and informative, aiming to give users the opportunity to practice new skills and vocabulary.

This app encourages users to practice more than just spelling!

Spelling City as a learning tool

This app would be a great addition to the iPad or iPhone of any parent, teacher, or student. Spelling City has been well designed to serve students from Kindergarten to high school, keeping users of all ages engaged while providing relevant content in an entertaining environment. Some of the activities have audio content, which makes learning even more interactive.

The quantity of material included in this app is really impressive, and it is possible to access more by connecting to the internet and downloading the content you choose. This includes further lists, giving the user the option of making the app even more relevant to their studies. Spelling City would be of use to teachers eager to use technology in their classes, and is useful in many subjects, from Math to reading, Geography and SAT preparation.

It would also be a fantastic addition to the iPad or iPhone of any parent wondering how their young child can practice new vocabulary at home, or high school students looking for apps to help them study for tests and standardized exams. The amount of content included in the app itself is very impressive considering it is free, but there are even more options available for a reasonable price if the user chooses to personalize the app and therefore the educational experience. Overall, this is a wonderful app for users of all ages and professions.

Spelling City is appropriate for a variety of age groups

Written October 10, 2012

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