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Top 5 High School Science Apps for iPad

Science can be many things to many people: fun, difficult, boring, confusing, amazing - almost anything. High school level science can provoke particularly varied responses, as it teaches topics that are directly relatable to the world around us, but also at times requires detailed knowledge of complicated concepts and structures like molecules and the elements.

The following apps help students learn and practice science-related knowledge and skills, and provide teachers with an alternative to textbooks as a way to engage students with their subject.

Frog Dissection

Some love it, some hate it, but at some point high school students all over the world will probably have to dissect a frog. This app not only provides a lifelike virtual experience of frog dissection, but also includes a wealth of information related to frogs and their environment. The Frog Dissection app’s star component is a totally interactive frog dissection activity that allows the user to dissect a frog right there on their screen.

The app also includes extensive content on the frog lifecycle, comparisons of human biology vs. Frog biology, instructions on how to scrub up in the wet lab before dissecting the frog, a quiz on frog dissection and lifecycle, 3D imagery of the frog’s internal organs complete with explanations of their function and location, videos, information on different types of frogs, and interactive activities to reinforce all this information.

The high quality images, level of interactivity, and detailed information make this app a great resource for high school teachers looking for support materials in their classes, or for students who are studying the frog in school.

FrogDissection ipad app
Frog Dissection allows you to tap on organs in the frog and view information about them


This app provides exactly what the title implies: a 3D brain. The brain appears on the screen as soon as you open the app, and can be moved around to view all sides. The app offers a list of structures that can be highlighted on the brain image when selected, and again viewed from different angles. In addition to these options, the app offers a huge amount of information on each structure of the brain, from general information in an overview, to relevant case studies, associated functions, cognitive disorders, and additional research.

The app is very interactive, both because of the 360-degree rotation of the brain and its structures, and because of the options of reading more information and placing labels on the structures. The amount of information included in the 3D Brain app means that it could be used both as an addition or alternative to a textbook, or as an independent resource and reference for further reading. This variety of information and uses makes 3D Brain useful for students and teachers alike.

Brain ipad app
The 3D Brain app includes information about all structures of the brain

Periodic Table

Have you been looking for a virtual periodic table of the elements to use in your studies or classroom? The Periodic Table app is a fantastic resource for those looking for a simple, clear, and interactive periodic table. Designed to “help students working on homework problems quickly find data on the elements” (taken from the ‘About’ section of the app), the Periodic Table app is a fantastic way to learn more about the elements and take a reference with you wherever you go.

When you tap on an element, a box appears at the top of the table that contains information about its atomic number, electronegativity, ionization, radius, ionic radius, melting point, boiling point, outermost orbital, average atomic mass, name and abbreviation. The colors and structure of the table are true to the periodic table of the elements, but are changeable so that you can organize the table by melting point, boiling point, radius and a host of other factors.

You can also display temperatures in Kelvin, Celsius or Farenheit, and opt for an expanded layout instead of the classic version. All of these options make this app an excellent educational resource for high school students and teachers working with the periodic table.

PeriodicTable ipad app
The Periodic Table app has various viewing options

POMT Cells and Genetics

This app offers users the chance to delve inside a human hand and see the cells and other structures of which the body is comprised. This app is designed like a game. Upon entering POMT Cells and Genetics, you are presented with a picture of a human hand. You can zoom into various layers of the hand to go on the tour – first you are on top of the skin, then inside it, then you go further in and arrive in the cytoplasm, and further, all the time traveling between mitochondria, DNA, mRNA and other components that comprise the layers.

All components are accompanied by a box with information on their form and purpose. As you go through the hand tapping on all of these structures, you gain points to complete the challenge of finding all of the components that make up a hand. The game experience of the app combined with the detailed information it includes make POMT Cells and Genetics a fantastic addition to any high school student or teacher’s iPad or iPhone.

POMT ipad app
The POMT Cells and Genetics app has high quality images of all components in a human hand


For students and teachers looking for a quick reference tool for calculating physics equations, the Physics! App is a great solution. This is a simple app that contains exactly what students need to calculate inelastic and elastic collisions, force, acceleration, mass, distance, gravity, time, potential energy, kinetic energy, velocity, wavelength and frequency. You just tap on the name of what you want to calculate, input the values, and tap ‘Calculate’ to see your answer.

For example, if you tap on Distance, you are asked to input gravity and time, and when you tap ‘Calculate’, the distance appears on the screen. This is a great way for students and teachers to learn about the different components necessary in these different Physics equations, and to check answers when practicing the equations themselves. The Physics! App would be a fantastic addition to a high school student or teacher’s mobile device, and is useful for anyone else who frequently has to calculate these values.

Physics! Ipad app
Physics! Allows the user to calculate a variety of values

Written November 6, 2012

Science , Ages-11

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