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Top 5 Multiplication Table Apps for iPad

Multiplication is one of the most basic Math skills, and it is therefore very important to learn and practice. The traditional multiplication table can be made more exciting and engaging for young students if transferred to the virtual or technological world. These apps allow users to practice their multiplication tables in fun and interactive environments, reinforcing the knowledge and skills associated with the multiplication table.

Rocket Math ($0.99)

Rocket Math is the ultimate in interactive Math apps for young users. When you open the app, you are able to choose an avatar from a selection of aliens, rockets, and other space-related characters. You can personalize this avatar by designing its rocket (from the engine and structure down to the decoration!) and then use it to complete a series of Math-related missions, with subjects ranging from simple numbers and counting to multiplication, division and general challenges.

Each mission asks the rocket to launch into the air, and then as it is free falling the user has to tap a given number, or a multiplication equation that produces a given number, or a clock that says a certain time. The user has only the time that the rocket is in free fall to complete the mission, and is then awarded a score and a medal according to accuracy and timing.

The graphics on this app are very clear and engaging, and the game-like avatar experience is certainly appealing to young (and older!) students. Rocket Math is a useful, effective, and entertaining app that encourages students to interact with Math and test knowledge in personalized and amusing environment.

Rocket Math is extremely interactive and fun

Multiplication Training (FREE)

This app provides a simple and clear way to practice your multiplication tables. When you open the Multiplication Training app, it immediately presents you with ‘2 x 1’ at the top of the screen and a list of possible answers. You tap the answer you think is correct, and the question moves on to ‘2 x 2’, 3 x 2’ and so-on, then moving up to 3 and 4 and all through the sequence of numbers up to 9. The app stores your scores, so parents could keep track of their children’s progress.

Other options on the app include selecting the multiplication sets you want to test, and selecting whether or not you want the questions to appear in numerical order or jumbled. The Multiplication Training app is a good introduction to multiplication tables presented in a clear format for practice. There is room for expansion to higher numbers in the future, but for a beginning user the app is fantastic in its current form.

Multiplication Training is a simple way to test multiplication skills

Times Tables Quiz (FREE)

Parents or teachers looking for a way to quiz their children or students in multiplication will be happy to find this app. The Times Tables app is a timed quiz format that presents the user with a series of random multiplication questions to answer fast from a list of multiple-choice answers. The app records your scores so you can see your student or child’s progress. The interface of this app is very simple and easy to interpret, and there are very few bright graphics to distract the user from the content.

Times Tables is an excellent way to test multiplication skills in a timed environment, and is suitable for users who are comfortable multiplying numbers up to 12. The app is slightly limited in that it only has one activity to test multiplication skills, but it is definitely a useful tool for testing multiplication skills and encouraging children to be more engaged with Math by making it slightly more competitive in the timed environment. Altogether a great app for young students.

Times Tables provides random multiplication questions in a timed test format

Sushi Monster (FREE)

This is one of the most engaging multiplication apps on the market today. Sushi Monster offers the user fun addition and multiplication tests using monsters and plates of sushi with numbers on them in an interactive setting. The monster in the middle of the screen holds up a target number that he’d like the user to make using other numbers multiplied together. A monster waiter throws plates of sushi with numbers on them onto the table and the user has to select the two numbers which, when multiplied together, will produce the central monster’s target number.

This app involves funny characters and music, setting it apart from other apps that only test multiplication skills in a simple question and answer format. It also includes addition, which makes it even more useful as a single app on a parent or teacher’s iPad or iPhone.

The Sushi Monster app also has multiple levels – five for multiplication and seven for addition – which also allow the user to progress to more difficult multiplications, and allows the parent or teacher to track the young student’s progress. Users can be awarded trophies, therefore providing extra motivation to do well in multiplication. Altogether, Sushi Monster is a fantastic app for getting children excited about Math.

Sushi Monster is a fantastically entertaining way to test multiplication skills

Multiplication For Kids (FREE)

This app uses a magician character to teach and test multiplication skills. Upon entering the app, users are presented with the option of being taught the times tables or testing them. The teaching option walks the users through times tables of numbers from 0 to 20, with audio accompaniment that reads out the multiplications. The test option includes various levels and offers a series of multiple choice multiplication questions. When you get a question right, a bunny appears to congratulate you – and of course the magician accompanies you throughout.

The Multiplication for Kids app is simple but not so simple that it becomes boring. It engages the child with the magician and bunny characters, but is clear and concise in its teaching and testing activities. Children have fun while learning, and can learn times tables from 0 to 20 with just one app. Multiplication for Kids is exactly that: a great multiplication app that engages, motivates and informs children to develop their multiplication skills.

Multiplication For Kids uses a magician character to teach and test multiplication

Written October 17, 2012

Mathematics , Ages-7-10

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