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Top 5 Spelling Test Apps For iPad

Spelling is of course one of the most basic skills an early learner needs to master before moving on to other subjects. However, spelling can be challenging for some learners, and it is always useful to have as many relevant tools for learning and teaching as possible. The following apps make learning and practicing spelling more fun, and are useful aids for teachers and parents seeking to incorporate technology into the process of teaching spelling skills.

Spellosaur (Free)

This app allows users to choose the words they want to test, and to buy more content to expand the app to include a broader range of words. The Spellosaur app uses animated dinosaur characters with audio and visual components to teach and practice spelling different words.

When you open the app, there are four activity options, each accompanied by a different dinosaur: ‘Learn Words’; ‘Add Words’; ‘Test Words’; and ‘Review Words’. The ‘Learn Words’ option includes four different ways to learn new words, each building upon the last. First you listen to and choose the words on the page, then you complete the word by selecting the missing letters, then you unscramble the words, and finally you spell the words yourself. The ‘Test Words’ section includes a timed test in which words are spoken and the user has to write them.

The Spellosaur app is a very fun and engaging way to introduce children to different words, and to encourage them to review and practice their spelling skills in a variety of ways. It is definitely a ‘must’ for parents and teachers who want to use iPads and iPhones to teach children the essentials of spelling, and is one of the best spelling apps on the market right now.

Spellosaur uses animated characters to test spelling in a variety of ways

My Spelling Test ($0.99)

This app is designed with personalization in mind. My Spelling Test allows you to create your own tests in a spelling bee format. You can name the test, and type in all the words you want to be tested. Then, the app reads them back to you and asks you to type them in to check your spelling. You can therefore create tests to prepare specific vocabulary for school tests, making the app completely personalized. The app keeps the user’s scores so that parents or teachers could monitor children’s progress. The Spelling Test app is very simple in layout, which makes it easy to use because you can organize tests and words.

A possible downfall of this app is that it is not as appealing to younger users because of its lack of bright colors and animation. However, My Spelling Test is a fantastic addition to any parent’s iPad or iPhone because of its utility and personalized format, which make it a great tool for testing spelling for young children.

My Spelling Test can be personalized to test specific vocabulary

Starfall ABC ($2.99)

This app presents the user with all letters of the alphabet, with a variety of ways to learn about each one. You can tap on any letter to see it in upper and lower case, hear it pronounced, and see a variety of words that use it, plus the images to go with them. For example, when you tap the letter ‘M’, you hear ‘m’ and are presented with a sequence of images of words that begin with m: moon, motorcycle, mask, etc. In some letter activities, you are asked to match letters to each other, creating pairs and uncovering a picture. The Starfall ABC app therefore tests a variety of skills related to spelling and reading, and is a bright and informative way to help children practice their first spelling activities.

Although the app has limited content and there is room to expand to include further content and ways of testing spelling skills in the future, Starfall ABC still represents a fun and engaging way to get children motivated to learn these fundamental skills.

Starfall ABC
Starfall ABC tests a variety of skills using words beginning with all letters of the alphabet

A+ Test (Free)

Parents looking for a simple way to test spelling in a variety of activities will be pleased to find the A+ Test spelling app. This is another app that the user can personalize by creating tests and adding words to the repertory, which makes it useful for children preparing for a specific test on a defined set of words. The app allows you not only to add the word in written format, but also to record an audio track to accompany the word. The A+ Test app tests these words in a variety of formats: by unscrambling the words, practicing writing the words when they are heard through the audio recordings, and testing the words. You can then email your results to your computer, retest the ones you got wrong, or retest all the words. The app also keeps track of all your test scores so parents can monitor their children’s progress.

Though the app is visually simple and perhaps not very appealing to children who look forward to using more bright and colorful apps, the fact that the app can be used to test the vocabulary the user wants, and provides a variety of activities, makes it a great tool for teaching and testing spelling.

A+ Test uses a variety of activities to test new vocabulary

SBS Spelling (Free)

The bright blue interface of this app makes it attractive to young users. It is another spelling app that can be personalized to test specific vocabulary, but has a few more options than some other similar apps. For example, in SBS Spelling you can register multiple users, meaning that if you have more than one child whose spelling you’d like to test, you can keep track of all of their scores. You can also choose to test the words by rewriting them as they appear on the screen, or by unscrambling the letters to form the words. At the end of each sequence of words, the SBS Spelling app provides your score and tells you how this compares to other users and to your own previous scores.

Words are kept in multiple lists and so are well organized and accessible as soon as you open the app. Overall, this is an engaging and interesting spelling app that would be a useful addition to any parent or teacher’s mobile device.

SBS Spelling is bright and engaging

Written October 1, 2012


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